The Workers’ Party calls for our national paralympians to receive the same prize awards as their able-bodied counterparts

The Workers’ Party would like to congratulate our paralympians Yip Pin Xiu and Theresa Goh for clinching Singapore’s first gold medal and a bronze medal at the Rio Paralympic Games. Ms. Yip broke her own world record by more than two seconds.

Our paralympians deserve the same respect and value as our able-bodied athletes. To compete at the pinnacle of one’s sport demands dedication, sacrifice, discipline, and an indomitable fighting spirit. Our paralympians embody these values and are an inspiration to all Singaporeans.

Our paralympians demonstrate what we can achieve as an inclusive sporting nation. The smaller pool of competitors at the Games should not be reason to deny our paralympians the recognition and compensation that is due to them. It is only right that they should receive equal treatment as any Singaporean athlete who competes at the highest international levels.

For their equally important and inspiring achievements, The Workers’ Party calls for the national para-swimmers to receive the same prize awards from the Singapore National Paralympic Council as their able-bodied counterparts from the Singapore National Olympics Council.


Daniel Goh
Chair, Media Team
13 September 2016