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  • Handover from Mr Lee Hsien Loong to Mr Lawrence Wong as Prime Minister
    The Workers’ Party congratulates Mr Lawrence Wong on his appointment as the fourth Prime Minister of Singapore. The Workers' Party would also like to acknowledge and thank Mr Lee Hsien Loong for his long years of public service and leadership, including 20 years as Singapore’s third Prime Minister. Mr Wong is...
  • Budget 2024 Speech – by Faisal Manap
    14thParliament, Faisal Manap, News
    Budget Debate Speech – 27th February 2024 Muhamad Faisal Bin Abdul Manap Sir, in my time as a Member of Parliament representing Kaki Bukit Division of Aljunied GRC, I have had many interactions with Singaporean individuals and families from low-income households. These households have been most affected by the rising costs...
  • Budget 2024 Speech – by Sylvia Lim
    14thParliament, News, sylvia lim
    Budget Debate Speech – 27th February 2024 Sylvia Lim Swee Lian In this Budget, I and others born in or before 1973 have been called “young seniors”.  These days, when younger commuters give their seats up to me on the MRT, I no longer feel insulted but accept with grace.  That...
  • Budget 2024 Speech – by Jamus Lim
    14thParliament, Jamus Lim, News
    Budget Debate Speech – 27th February 2024 A/P Jamus Jerome Lim Chee Wui Preparing Our Businesses, Workers, and Students for the AI Revolution In his Budget Statement delivered two Fridays ago, DPM Wong spoke about artificial intelligence (AI) as a general-purpose technology, like “electricity, the internal combustion engine, the computer, or the...
  • Budget 2024 Speech – by He Ting Ru
    14thParliament, He Ting Ru, News
    Budget Debate Speech – 27th February 2024 He Ting Ru Mr Speaker The title of this year’s budget statement, “Building our shared future together”, is one which all of us should strive for. In the Workers’ Party 2020 manifesto, “A Singapore For All”, we outlined our vision for a Singapore which has...
  • Budget 2024 Speech – by Dennis Tan
    14thParliament, Dennis Tan, News
    Budget Speech – 26th February 2024 Dennis Tan Lip Fong Mr Speaker, for my Budget Debate speech, I would first like to speak on certain issues relating to the support for our seniors, followed by the issue of support for adults with disabilities and finally, like in my previous years’ Budget...
  • Budget 2024 Speech – by Gerald Giam
    14thParliament, gerald giam, News
    Budget Debate Speech – 26th February 2024 Gerald Giam Yean Song Mr Speaker, Fair Competition Singaporean workers aspire towards making a good living and engaging in meaningful work that uplifts not only their own families, but also their communities, their nation and the world. One inescapable reality of work is competition. We have always...
  • Budget 2024 Speech – by Louis Chua
    14thParliament, Chua Kheng Wee Louis, News
    Budget Speech – 26th February 2024 Chua Kheng Wee Louis   Observations on our fiscal position  Mr Speaker, as I have shared in my IRAS (Amendment) Bill speech on Budget Day itself, FY2023 did turn out to be another record year of tax collections, after significant increases in IRAS’ tax collections over the...
  • The Workers’ Party Secretary-General’s New Year Message 2024
    News, pritam singh
    WP Secretary-General Pritam Singh reviews key events in 2023, sends New Year’s wishes to Singaporeans 2023 in review The news cycle has been disquieting throughout 2023, both internationally and locally. The war in Ukraine has dragged on for close to two years now and the eruption of the conflict in the...
  • Media Statement: The situation in Israel and the Gaza Strip
    News, press release
    The Workers’ Party (WP) Members of Parliament have received many emails and representations from Singaporeans calling for an immediate end to hostilities and the delivery of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip. Previous military action in the Gaza Strip undertaken by the Israel Defence Forces in response to militant operations...
  • The Workers’ Party Labour Day Message 2023
    News, pritam singh
    THE WORKERS’ PARTY LABOUR DAY MESSAGE: 1 MAY 2023 Greater protections and preparation for workers needed to weather the storms ahead Last Wednesday (26 April 2023), the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), in its semi-annual report on the Singapore economy, announced that Singapore’s gross domestic product (GDP) for 2023 is expected to...
  • The Workers’ Party Secretary-General’s New Year Message 2023
    leader of the opposition, News, pritam singh
    WP’s Pritam Singh reviews key debates in 2022, sends New Year’s wishes to Singaporeans
  • National Day Message 2022 from the Secretary-General of the Workers’ Party
    Our journey as a nation started 57 years ago, but the first stirrings of our shared identity emerged when we cast our first votes in the 1955 Legislative Assembly elections. David Marshall, Singapore’s first Chief Minister, went to London to try and achieve self-determination for Singapore. However, the British...
  • NUS Top Guns Forum 2022: Towards our Shared Future – Effective & Constructive Politics - Speech by Pritam Singh
    News, pritam singh
    Good evening everyone. Today, I will speak about a key issue in achieving effective and constructive politics. Namely, how to find Singaporeans who are prepared to undertake public service through opposition politics – to have them join as party members, and perhaps even stand as candidates. It is critical that...
  • Media statement
    News, press release
    We note the release of the interim report by the Parliamentary Committee of Privileges without having taken the evidence of Workers’ Party leaders against whom serious allegations have been made. The Leader of the Opposition, Mr Pritam Singh, had made it clear on 2 December, that he is prepared...
  • The Workers' Party media statement
    News, press release
    The Workers’ Party Central Executive Committee has approved the formation of a Disciplinary Panel to look into the admissions made by MP Raeesah Khan in Parliament on 1 Nov 2021, arising from an earlier speech made by the MP in Parliament on 3 Aug 2021. The Panel comprises Secretary-General Pritam...
  • Secretary-General's statement
    News, press release
    MP Raeesah Khan should not have shared an account that contained untruths in the House. The Parliament (Privileges, Immunities and Powers) Act gives an MP significant freedom of speech, to the extent that what is said in Parliament cannot be impeached or questioned outside Parliament. However, this freedom of...
  • Amendments to the Foreign Interference (Countermeasures) Bill
    News, press release
    The Workers’ Party refers to the Foreign Interference (Countermeasures) Bill which was introduced for First Reading in Parliament on 13 September 2021. While The Workers’ Party believes in countering legitimate acts of foreign interference, we disagree with the current form of the Bill in achieving the said objective.
  • Meet the People sessions will resume 23 August 2021
    News, press release
    MEDIA STATEMENT As announced via notice boards last week and in light of the recent easing of Covid restrictions, Workers' Party MPs in Aljunied GRC, Hougang SMC and Sengkang GRC will resume physical Meet the People sessions with effect from Monday 23 August. We hope that this announcement reaches all...
  • The Workers’ Party Labour Day Message 2021
    covid-19, labour, News, press release
    THE WORKERS’ PARTY LABOUR DAY MESSAGE: 1 MAY 2021 On this Labour Day, we see that Singapore has made progress in combating the spread of COVID-19. Even as we keep our guard up, we should recognise the nation’s profound debt to our front-liners in the healthcare sector, the security sector, cleaners,...
  • The Workers' Party CEC Election 2020
    The Workers' Party held its Cadre Members' Conference on 27 December 2020.   The Cadre Members elected the following as Party Chair and Secretary-General:   Chair: Ms Sylvia Lim Swee Lian (林瑞莲), 55Secretary-General: Mr Pritam Singh (毕丹星), 44   The following 12 members were elected to the Central Executive Committee...
  • WP calls on Government to publish election campaign rules forthwith
    News, press release
    The Workers’ Party notes that Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat has indicated in a media interview on 27 May 2020 that the General Elections (GE) should be held soon.  He further said:.. “Yes, elections are coming nearer by the day, and you have to be prepared for it”.  To...
  • MP Low Thia Khiang discharged and on hospitalisation leave
    News, press release
    We had earlier informed the public about the fall at home of Aljunied GRC MP and former WP Secretary-General Low Thia Khiang on 30 April 2020, and that he has been receiving care in hospital since then. We wish to further update everyone that Mr Low was discharged on 21...
  • WP Media Statement: Update on Mr Low’s condition
    News, press release
    We refer to our statement on 3 May 2020. We had shared that Aljunied GRC MP and former WP Secretary-General Mr Low Thia Khiang was being monitored in ICU after sustaining a head injury from a fall at home. After 5 days in ICU, Mr Low was transferred on 4...
  • WP Media Statement: Mr Low Thia Khiang in ICU
    News, press release
    Aljunied GRC MP and former Workers’ Party Secretary-General Mr Low Thia Khiang suffered a head injury from a fall at home on 30 April 2020. He is being monitored in the Intensive Care Unit. Mr Low is conscious. Mr Low’s family has requested for privacy so he can focus...
  • The Workers’ Party Labour Day Message 2020
    covid-19, News, press release
    THE WORKERS’ PARTY LABOUR DAY MESSAGE: 1 MAY 2020 Today is a Labour Day like no other. Singapore continues to battle a disease pandemic and what might be our nation’s worst economic contraction since independence. On this Labour Day, our thoughts, prayers and support go first and foremost to our healthcare and...
  • Workers’ Party to suspend house visits
    News, press release
    Workers’ Party to suspend house visits In light of stringent social distancing measures and the spike in COVID-19 cases, the Workers’ Party will temporarily suspend all house visits for the time being. Our residents’ welfare and safety are our utmost priority. The WP MPs and/or town councillors will continue to...
  • Election speculation amidst COVID-19
    News, press release
    Election speculation amidst COVID-19 The Workers’ Party (WP) understands there is a lot of speculation and excitement over when the General Election (GE) would be called due to the release of the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee (EBRC) report. In line with past experience, the General Election is usually called very...
  • WP statement on EBRC Report dated 13 Mar 2020
    News, press release
    WP statement on EBRC Report dated 13 Mar 2020 The Workers’ Party (WP) notes that the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee (EBRC) appointed by the Prime Minister’s Office has just released its report, more than seven months after it was appointed. As is its custom, the EBRC has not disclosed how it...
  • POFMA: A Shield, not a Sword - Speech by Pritam Singh
    News, POFMA, pritam singh
    NTU Public Policy and Global Affairs Club: Fake News Forum POFMA: A Shield, not a Sword Speech by Pritam Singh Secretary-General, Workers’ Party of Singapore (Delivered on 28 January 2020) Introduction Distinguished faculty of NTU, Mr Mohd Ismail Yaacob – Chairperson, Public Policy and Global Affairs Club and students of NTU. Thank you for your kind...
  • The Workers’ Party on the Wuhan coronavirus (Wuhan virus)
    healthcare, News
    The coronavirus outbreak is a new development that is serious and concerning. The Workers’ Party notes that the government has established a multi-ministry task force to consolidate efforts in containing the spread of the virus within Singapore, as well as overseas. We give the task force our full support...
  • Why should I vote for the Workers' Party? - Speech by Pritam Singh
    News, pritam singh
    Members’ Forum 2020 – Secretary-General’s Speech: Why should I vote for the Workers’ Party? Chair Sylvia Lim, members of the Central Executive Committee and colleagues, It gives me great pleasure to speak to you at  today’s WP Member’s Forum 2020. After the Parliamentary exchanges on jobs for Singaporeans earlier this month,...
  • The Workers’ Party on Climate Change in Parliament
    environment, News
    The Workers’ Party MPs note and agree with the many concerns expressed at the recent SG Climate rally, together with other civil society groups and Singaporeans, about the Climate Emergency facing our planet. The Workers’ Party has spoken up about excessive carbon emissions and the grave danger this poses to humanity in our speeches...
  • The Workers’ Party Labour Day Message 2019
    News, press release
    WP calls for more help for older PMETs On this Labour Day, the Workers' Party honours all workers in Singapore, including the over 1.2 million professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETs). PMETs now make up more than half of our resident workforce. By 2030, two out of every three workers...
  • Members' Forum 2019: Secretary-General's Speech - One WP
    News, pritam singh
    Dear friends and colleagues, Shortly after I assumed the Secretary-General position in April last year, I asked members who had views, concerns and things to take off their chest to have a chat with me and discuss them.I wish to thank all of you who took the initiative and time...
  • Deployment of Malaysian vessels into Singapore waters
    News, press release
    The Workers’ Party notes with grave concern the deployment of Malaysian Government vessels into Singapore waters off Tuas West. As fraternal neighbours with a wide-ranging bilateral relationship, both Singapore and Malaysia cooperate on many fronts, including the military front, with exercises and visits by senior personnel to each other’s countries...
  • Why The Debate On Class Sizes Is Not Over
    education, News
    The issue of class sizes has been part of a wider debate on education for a long time now. While changing class sizes cannot possibly solve all the problems with our education system, and while it should not distract us from other problems entrenched within the system, it is...
  • The Singaporean worker - At the centre of today’s and tomorrow’s economy
    labour, News
    What is the relevance of Labour Day today? The concept of labour is undergoing a radical shift. Industry 4.0 and rapid technological advances are overturning established industries and disrupting the workplace. The future is unfurling at breakneck speed. It is critical that we support the workers of today and tomorrow...
  • Office Bearers of The Workers’ Party for the Term of 2018 to 2020
    News, press release
    The Workers’ Party (WP) held its first Central Executive Committee (CEC) meeting on 12 April 2018 following the election of the CEC on 8 April 2018. The office bearers of the Workers’ Party elected for the term of 2018 to 2020 are as follows:   Chair: Ms Sylvia Lim Swee Lian   Vice-Chair: Mr Muhamad Faisal...
  • The Workers' Party CEC Election 2018
    News, press release
    The Workers’ Party held its Conference of Organisers on 8 April 2018. The Organising Members elected the following as Party Chair and Secretary-General: Chair: Ms Sylvia Lim Swee Lian (林瑞莲), 53 Secretary-General: Mr Pritam Singh (毕丹星), 42 The following 12 members were elected to the Central Executive Committee (CEC): Mr Chen Show Mao (陈硕茂),...
  • Ministry of Social and Family Development: Committee of Supply 2018 – Cuts by WP MPs
    13thParliament, chen show mao, Committee of Supply 2018, News, Parliament2018, png eng huat, pritam singh, sylvia lim
    (Delivered in Parliament on 7 March 2018) Eldercare Leave - Chen Show Mao On the subject of eldercare leave for employees caring for their parents, the Minister announced last month that the Ministry is prepared to study the idea in consultation with the tripartite partners, though we should also give businesses...
  • WP votes NO to the announcement of GST hike in 2021-2025
    13thParliament, Budget 2018, News, press release
    The Workers’ Party MPs voted “no” to the motion that Parliament “approves the financial policy of the Government for the financial year 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2019” for the sole reason that WP is unable to support the announcement of a GST hike from 7% to 9%...
  • Checking the Government: Justifying the 30% Water Price Hike
    By Pritam Singh, MP Aljunied GRC The 30% water price hike announced during the Government’s presentation of Budget 2017 was met with a wide range of reactions by Singaporeans, ranging from bewilderment to resignation. Already reeling from a series of price increase announcements from the end of December 2016 including...
  • Soalan kepada Pemerintah: Penjelasan tentang Kenaikan Harga Air Sebanyak 30%
    Oleh Pritam Singh, Anggota Parlimen GRC Aljunied Berita kenaikan harga air sebanyak 30% yang diumumkan oleh pemerintah semasa pembentangan Belanjawan 2017 disambut dengan pelbagai reaksi oleh warga Singapura, ini termasuk kebingungan dan perletakan jawatan. Kita menyaksikan beberapa pengumuman mengenai kenaikan harga-harga bermula dari akhir Disember 2016, kenaikan yuran tempat meletak...
  • 要政府解释水价为何暴涨30%
    毕丹星 (阿裕尼集选区议员) 政府在2017年的财政预算案宣布水价调高30%,引起民众广泛关注,令许多国人措手不及,困惑不解,有的无奈。一般市井小民也只好无奈地逆来顺受。自2016年12月底以来,各种费用不断上调,这包括组屋停车费、电费以及杂费,此番水价又分两年大幅度上调,如同晴天霹雳,令许多国人措手不及。 在财政部长发表财政预算案声明后,一名行动党议员向媒体发表意见说,“我认为水价调高只是为了要提高民众对水的重要性的意识。”   对许多普通国人而言,这名议员的说法与现实脱节,简直把新加坡人当白痴。我们在售卖铁锤报的活动时与一般市民的交谈发现,普罗大众对水费涨价的看法截然不同。 反应是:“唉呀,人民行动党敢这样做就是因为他们在上届大选拿到了70% 的选票!没必要征询意见,也不用解释那么多喽!” 在2015年8月17日,当时的环境及水源部长的维文医生在国会说:“目前没有必要调整(水价)”。当时距离2015年大选不到一个月,这样的言论有至关重要的意义。当时维文部长还指出,水资源匮乏不是关键问题,真正应该关注的是能源价格和生产水的成本。 两年后的今天,新加坡人想知道,既然行动党的环境及水源部长部长在2015年说能源价格和生产水的成本才是关键,哪为什么却在今年经济放缓的情况下调高水价?难道能源价格突然间暴涨了30% 吗? 人们希望政府能够解释水价必须上调30% 的原因,也担心咖啡、茶等饮料和食品会因为水价调高而产生连锁反应也跟着上涨。可是政府非但没有对此提出合理的解释,反而顾左右而言他,紧抱着缺乏水源的问题喋喋不休。他们忘了,环境及水源部长在2015年就已经将水源问题定位,与能源价格和能源安全问题挂钩。这是前后矛盾! 总理公署部长陈振声在国会就2017年财政预算案水价问题进行辩论时表示,这个问题其实是“大家是否认同水对我国的存亡至关重要?我们是否应该为其合理定价?” 然而,人民期望政府回答的不仅仅只是这些基本问题。人们想知道的是政府依据什么机制来制定水价?根据什么来计算出合理的水价?大家都知道,处理和生产食用水的科技日新月异,不断改进,理应可以节省生产成本才对,为什么反而需要大幅度调高水价? 2017年财政预算案辩论期间,工人党议员针对政府大幅度调高水价所持的理由向部长提出了一系列有关的问题。以下是工人党议员在国会发言询问的摘录: 林瑞莲议员 林瑞莲(阿裕尼):昨天,环境及水源部长就调高水价提出了各种理由。但增加生产成本、增建海水淡化厂等这些原因都长期存在,并非突然出现的问题。 过去17年来水价并未波动,难道政府在2017年以前都未曾想过需要调整水价吗?然而,政府却能够提前两年公布将于2019年实行碳税政策。提前公布调高价格可以让企业和消费者做好准备,有助于他们制定节源战略、投资节能措施等。 调高水价的决定眼看就快要在今年7月实施,政府为何不能在2015年7月提前两年宣布,好让人民先做好准备呢?或许,那是因为2015年7月不适宜宣布这类决定吧!(编者按:难道因为那是大选年?) 方荣发议员 方荣发(后港):政府可不可以向人民公开自2000年起由于供水造成的财政损失有多大?以至因此而需要大幅度调高水价? 马善高部长在答复我的国会询问时指出,目前全国平均水耗相比10年前下降了约11%。过去十年中,用水量超过当前全国平均水平的家庭数量一直保持在40%,相对稳定。再看看我国的人均用水量,新加坡比伦敦、墨尔本、东京、香港和纽约低5%到70%左右。 这些数据说明了什么?说明了新加坡人已经认识到水资源匮乏,一直在想方设法保护宝贵的水资源。部长先生也对此表示认同,并提醒国人切勿自满,要尽量节约用水。这一点新加坡人在过去做到了,我相信在未来我们也能做到。(编者按:那为什么还要调高水价?) 陈立峰议员 陈立峰(非选区):……令我感到纳闷的是。财政部长在预算案中说,自来水关系到国民生存的问题,我们给水费定的价格,是要反映海水淡化和新生水的较高生产成本。我的疑问是,我国已经有海水淡化厂和新生水厂相当长的一段时期了。近年来,水库,海水淡化厂和马来西亚的水供等水源问题都已经获得更好的处理,新加坡在水供方面也有更多选择了,为什么现在突然间出现了更高成本的问题呢?为什么过去几年这些都不是问题呢? 毕丹星议员与马善高部长 毕丹星(阿裕尼):……我想问部长的是,公用事业局(PUB)是如何判断什么时候应该上调水价的?因为跟据PUB年报数据,除去政府补助以及综合基金和税收,PUB 2013至2015年期间的净收入实际上高于2010至2012年,分别为5.5亿新元和3.39亿新元…… 马善高部长回答:感谢议员提出这些问题。PUB发表的报告,我很难简单地解释那些数据代表什么。报告中的数据是应计收益,而我们财政预算是指实际收益,我们必须进行调整。我会请财政部长阅览政府资助水基础设施的整体方案。我想这样才有意义。因为有些地方由政府资助,有些地方由PUB出资,如果分开来看每份报告,并非简单地进行总数相加……今天我们提出调高水价,水价是长期边际成本(LRMC),即生产下一滴水的费用。而由于各种原因,我们将来的每一滴用水都将来自海水淡化以及新生水(NEWater)项目,这已计算在水价内。但问题不在价格,而在于我们应该做什么,能做什么来预防这种情况的发生。如果发生,那就不仅仅是供水问题,而是我们会面对一个非常复杂的境况。(编者按:部长如此回答,令人听到满头雾水。) 工人党议员提出的一系列问题主要围绕着政府这一次调高水价30% 的理由是什么,是否评估了调高水价对民众所造成的影响。因为我们必须时刻铭记在心,水是重要的公共资源,也是日常生活的必需品;水价上调30% 会牵一髪而动全身,势必增加一般市井小民的生活成本,对所有国人造成影响。 总理公署部长陈振声在总结发言时强调,一个有责任感的政府不会打乱市场,会适当定价,而不是肆意发放津贴,让未来子孙承担后果。这是离题。当前的问题很简单,就是请有责任感的政府解释一下它如何制定水价。 遗憾的是,政府并没有试图向工人党议员或新加坡人详细解释它制定水价的机制和依据是什么。李显龙总理在预算案辩论结束后,承认政府在调高水费30%之前,应该事先向国人说明原由。难道总理忘了,国会不就是政府向人民解释政策的最佳平台吗?  
  • அரசாங்கத்தின்மீதான கண்காணிப்பு: 30% கட்டண உயர்வை நியாயப்படுத்தும் முயற்சி
    எழுத்து ப்ரிட்டம் சிங், அல்ஜூனிட் குழுத்தொகுதி நாடாளுமன்ற உறுப்பினர் தண்ணீர்க் கட்டணம் 30% உயர்த்தப்படுவதாக 2017-ம் ஆண்டின் வரவுசெலவுத் திட்டத்தை வெளியிட்டபோது அரசாங்கம் அறிவித்தது. இச்செய்தியால் திகைப்பு முதல் மனவேதனை வரை பலதரப்பட்ட உணர்வுகளுக்குச் சிங்கப்பூரர்கள் உள்ளாயினர். வீவக கார் நிறுத்துமிடக் கட்டண உயர்வு, மின்சாரக் கட்டண உயர்வு, சேவைப் பராமரிப்புக் கட்டண உயர்வு உட்பட 2016 டிசம்பர் கடைசியிலிருந்து அடுத்தடுத்து விலை உயர்வு அறிவிப்புகளைக் கேட்டுத் தவிப்படைந்த சிங்கப்பூரர்கள்...
  • Is the social pact underlying home ownership in Singapore at risk of erosion?
    For most Singaporeans, our Housing and Development Board (HDB) home represents the single biggest asset we own. Not only is it an integral part of our Singapore story, but also of our Singaporean way of life. A way of life where the norm is to go through a cookie-cutter...
  • Statement on MRT Train Collision at Joo Koon Station
    News, press release
    The Workers’ Party is disturbed to learn about the MRT train collision this morning which saw 23 commuters and two SMRT staff injured, including at least two with major injuries. Our thoughts and prayers are with the injured. We call on SMRT to render all necessary support to them, and...
  • A Millennial in the Gig Economy – The Search for Work Experience
    Many millennials in Singapore grew up with their parents having an expectation of them to obtain a university degree and then secure a cushy, stable job. However, given the changing economy and tightening labour market today, fewer university graduates in Singapore have been able to secure permanent full-time jobs...
  • PRPTC Statement of Claim Received
    News, press release
    We have received the Statement of Claim from Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council. Our lawyers are reviewing the document. We will issue a statement after discussing the matter with them. Low Thia Khiang Sylvia Lim Pritam Singh
    News, press release
    1. On 15 August 2017, our solicitors, M/S Tan Rajah & Cheah, filed and served our joint Defence in Suit No. HC/S 668/2017 (the “Suit”). 2. In the Suit, it has been alleged, amongst other things, that Ms Sylvia Lim and Mr Low Thia Khiang caused AHTC to enter into...
    News, press release
      1. We confirm that we have received the Statement of Claim filed by the Aljunied-Hougang Town Council against us individually. 2. We have engaged M/s Tan Rajah and Cheah to defend the claim for the 1st to 5th Defendants. 3. In the suit against us, amongst other things, it is alleged...
  • MinLaw's Reply Did Not Address Two Key Points
    News, press release
    We refer to the Ministry of Law's reply on 22 January 2017 to our press statement on the Protection from Harassment Act. The Ministry of Law stated that it does not intend to amend the POHA to protect itself from harassment. We welcome this statement. However the Ministry has not stated if it...
  • WP cautions against amending the POHA to protect the government from harassment
    News, press release
    The Workers’ Party welcomes the recent decision by the Court of Appeal in Attorney-General v Ting Choon Meng that government agencies such as MINDEF do not fall under the legal definition of “persons” under Section 15 of the Protection from Harassment Act (POHA). However, we are concerned by the Ministry...
  • Premature Speculation May Pervert the Course of Justice
    News, press release
      The press has asked The Workers' Party to comment on what Minister Shanmugam has said with regards to the AMKTC corruption case and the AHTC governance issue. Since CPIB is investigating the AMKTC case, we should let due process take its course and not jump to conclusions. When the July 2016...
  • Memories of Home at a Corner of Syed Alwi Road (Workers’ Party HQ)
    In early 2015, we opened up the the Workers’ Party HQ at Syed Alwi Road for filmmaker Sun Koh to shoot for the Singapore Memory Project. Sun’s mother, Mdm Chen, used to live at the premises. We took the opportunity to do a short interview with Mdm Chen to...
  • WP calls for more inclusive measures for Persons with Disabilities
    News, press release
      The Workers’ Party commemorates the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. It is a day to reflect on the achievements of the community in overcoming barriers. It is also a day to remind ourselves of the incredible spirit of the families, caregivers and VWOs who have worked tirelessly for the...
  • Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice – 5 Treats You’ll Want To Have This Deepavali
    Deepavali, or the Festival of Lights, is an important day for Hindus, Sikhs and Jains in Singapore. It is a day of feasting as families welcome visitors into their households, never without a delectable spread of festive goodies to enjoy. Apart from savoury favourites like Murukku, Indian sweetmeats are...
  • Homelessness in Singapore: How much do you know?
    Faisal Manap, family, News, social mobility
    This is Home truly, where I know I must be, Where my dreams wait for me, where the river always flows. - Home (Lyrics by Dick Lee)   Singapore will always be Home truly. But how much do you know about the homeless in our Home? Thanks to questions filed in Parliament by...
  • The Workers' Party Calls on the Government to Disallow Online Betting
    gambling, News, press release
      The Workers’ Party notes with concern the applications from Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club (STC) to launch online betting services. There are no lack of legal gambling venues in Singapore, including the two casinos and hundreds of outlets accepting bets for Singapore Pools and STC. When the government decided to clamp down on remote gambling in 2014, it...
  • The Workers' Party calls for our national paralympians to receive the same prize awards as their able-bodied counterparts
    News, press release
    The Workers’ Party would like to congratulate our paralympians Yip Pin Xiu and Theresa Goh for clinching Singapore’s first gold medal and a bronze medal at the Rio Paralympic Games. Ms. Yip broke her own world record by more than two seconds. Our paralympians deserve the same respect and value...
  • Prompt Public Notification of Zika Cases Important
    News, press release
    The Workers' Party notes with concern the confirmation of 41 cases of locally transmitted Zika virus infection. We express our solidarity with all persons affected by the Zika virus and we wish all patients a speedy recovery. Prompt public notification of Zika cases is important so that members of the...
  • Statement on the Debate in Parliament on the Administration of Justice (Protection) Act
    News, press release
    The Workers’ Party believes that Parliament has an important role to play in scrutinising and improving laws in their draft form. This process is key to a functioning parliamentary democracy. We are glad to have had the opportunity to debate the Administration of Justice (Protection) Bill in some detail, and...
  • 5.1 Places To Cherish This National Day Before They're Gone For Good
    Although our urban landscape is ever-changing, along the way, we find that the spaces we live, play and work in help shape our identity as Singaporeans. As we celebrate 51 years of Independence, here's a look at a few of the places we're already missing this National Day. 1. ROCHOR...
  • Get to the root cause of systemic lapses flagged by AGO
    News, press release
    The Auditor-General’s Office (AGO) has highlighted multiple lapses in public sector spending and governance totalling tens of millions of dollars. The Workers’ Party (WP) believes these are matters of grave public concern and should be adequately addressed by the Government. Of particular concern are recurring lapses taking place under...
  • Feast On This @ Marine Parade GRC
    Food, glorious food, is definitely a quintessential part of the Singaporean DNA. We Singaporeans love our food and many of us will travel from one end of the island to another for the best Roti Prata or the most scrumptious Nasi Lemak. We embarked on a food trail in heritage-rich...
  • Workers' Party Media Statement on the new MRT Rail Financing Framework and Buyout of SMRT by Temasek
    Dennis Tan, News, transport
    The Workers' Party views the new rail financing framework for SMRT as a step in the right direction. It is a long overdue corrective to a major policy mistake. This move corrects the mistaken course taken by the government in the year 2000 when MRT operations were privatised, which created...
  • Recall of Defective Trains to China for Repair
    daniel goh, Dennis Tan, Faisal Manap, Leon Perera, News, pritam singh, transport
    The Workers’ Party is very concerned with the revelation of manufacturing defects in some of the trains used by the MRT, leading to 26 of these trains being shipped back to China for repair or replacement. Major issues affecting our public transport system should be discussed publicly. Five of The...
  • From Our Past Kampongs To Our Last – Hari Raya Through The Decades
      In modern day Singapore, on the occasion of Hari Raya, we often see our Malay friends decked out in colourful traditional outfits, visiting relatives amidst much feasting.  But how was Hari Raya celebrated in the past, when Malay kampongs were numerous and found in many parts of the...
  • The Workers' Party Expresses Condolences to the People of All Countries Recently Affected by Terror Attacks
    News, press release
    The Workers' Party expresses our condolences to the people and guests of Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iraq, Lebanon, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Yemen who have all recently been affected by the horror of terrorism. The recent escalation of these unacceptable hate crimes are an affront to our common humanity, regardless of...
  • The Workers' Party Wishes Everyone A Happy SAF Day
      The Workers’ Party wishes all Singaporeans, NSmen and active service men and women a very happy SAF Day. Although Singaporeans may hold different political perspectives out of uniform, SAF Day is a solemn reminder of our commitment to defend the sovereignty of Singapore and the Constitution as one united...
  • How to emerge a victorious foodie this Ramadan
    Craving for a few festive bites, yet tired of jostling with the crowd at the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar? Head further east for the Tampines Ramadan Bazaar, and refer to our tips on how to navigate the bazaar like a champ. You are in for a visual and gastronomical...
  • The Workers' Party's Perspective on Brexit
    News, press release
    Brexit is not only about the United Kingdom and the European Union. It is a sobering reminder about the shortcomings and limits of globalisation, the scale of immigration, how quickly the poison of racism and xenophobia can shape the public discourse, the perceptions and prospects of locals losing good...
  • Office Bearers of The Workers’ Party for the Term of 2016 to 2018
    News, press release
    The Workers’ Party (WP) held its first Central Executive Council (CEC) meeting on 7 June 2016 following the election of the CEC on 29 May 2016. The office bearers of the Workers’ Party elected for the term of 2016 to 2018 are as follows: Chairman: Ms Sylvia Lim Swee Lian Vice-Chairman: Mr Muhamad...
  • Statement on "Cooling Off Day" Investigations
    News, press release
    The Workers’ Party is concerned about the manner in which the current investigations into alleged violations of “Cooling Off Day” regulations are reportedly being conducted. We understand from the public record that other individuals or entities who were reported for similar violations in the past were not known to have...
  • The Workers' Party CEC Election 2016
    News, press release
    The Workers’ Party held its Conference of Organisers on 29 May 2016. The Organising Members elected the following as Party Chairman and Secretary-General: Chairman: Ms Sylvia Lim Swee Lian (林瑞莲), 51 Secretary-General: Mr Low Thia Khiang (刘程强), 59 The following 12 members were elected to the Central Executive Council (CEC): Mr Chen Show Mao...
  • Why you should care about this change to the Law the Government just made: Government Proceedings Act
    justice, law, News
    For many Singaporeans, what goes on in Parliament can be a bit perplexing at times. With our jobs, studies and family keeping us busy, we might have precious little time to spare pondering over Parliamentary affairs. Nevertheless, it is worth understanding what goes on in Parliament, as its debates and...
  • The Workers’ Party’s Submission to the Constitutional Commission Secretariat on the Elected Presidency
    On 21 March 2016, the Workers' Party (WP) set out its position on the office of the Elected President (EP) and the current review. In its submission to the Constitutional Commission Secretariat, WP reiterated the call to abolish the office of the EP, which has been the party's position on the...
  • Deepest Condolences to the Families of the Two SMRT Workers
    The Workers' Party offers our deepest condolences to the families and friends of the two SMRT maintenance workers, Nasrulhudin Najumudin and Muhammad Asyraf Ahmad Buhari, who passed away in an accident earlier today. We are greatly saddened that the two workers had died in the line of duty. This accident tragically...
  • Celebrating CNY – Same Festival, Different Styles
    This Chinese New Year, we chatted up a pioneer generation Singaporean, an overseas graduate and a non-Chinese Singaporean on how they’ll be ushering in the Year of the Monkey. Cooking up a big CNY lunch to feed 30 66 year-old Mdm Diana Khoo certainly looks energetic for her age as...
  • Chinese New Year Survival Guide
    Abrand new year in the Chinese lunar calendar is upon us. As we usher in the Year of the Monkey with merrymaking and lots of good food, here are a few tips to help you tide through the busy celebratory days ahead.   1. For the hosts with the most to...
  • WP Files Motion on NCMP Seat Offered to Lee Li Lian
    The Workers' Party filed a Parliamentary motion on 15 January 2016 to have the Non-Constituency Member of Parliament seat offered to Ms Lee Li Lian be declared vacant and for Associate Professor Daniel Goh Pei Siong to take up the seat. The motion was filed by Mr Low Thia Khiang,...
  • The Workers' Party Condemns Jakarta Attacks
    The Workers' Party strongly condemns the deadly bomb attacks in Jakarta earlier today. We hope the perpetrators will be brought to justice soon and fully support the Singapore government's assistance to the Indonesian government. We would like to express our deepest condolences to the victims and their families, and to the...
  • Planting a Greener Aljunied-Hougang Town
    chen show mao, Faisal Manap, News
    Planting a Greener Aljunied-Hougang Town On a sunny Boxing Day morning, Workers’ Party parliamentarians were seen “working the ground”, literally, at a park in Aljunied-Hougang Town. On 26 December 2015, Aljunied GRC MPs, Sylvia Lim, Chen Show Mao and Muhamad Faisal Abdul Manap, together with NCMPs Leon Perera and Dennis Tan,...
  • A Season of Goodwill - Paying It Forward this Christmas with the Workers' Party
    low thia khiang, News, png eng huat
    A Season of Goodwill - Paying It Forward this Christmas with the Workers' Party In this season of goodwill, the Workers’ Party celebrated Christmas with residents by giving back to the community. We bring you insights on the Hougang Constituency Education Trust (HCET) award ceremony and the WP Youth Wing’s Festive...
  • Gerald Giam Answering Media Queries on Expired Rail Assets
    News "Sleepers were designed to be replaced 15 to 25 years after the start of operations. If you count from 1987, which was when the MRT started, 15 years would be 2002, 25 years would be 2012. Sleepers are not expected to be completely replaced until the end of 2016. That...
  • WP calls for transparent plan to renew expired rail assets
    The Workers' Party calls on the government to do the following: 1. To ensure a proper rail assets renewal schedule is in place, to replace ageing rail assets before their end-of-life. 2. To introduce KPIs on the progress of maintenance and renewal of rail assets. 3. To update the public on the...
  • David Marshall and the Dawn of Meet-the-People Sessions in Singapore
    News, pritam singh
    David Marshall and the Dawn of Meet-the-People Sessions in Singapore The ties between the founder of the Workers' Party - David Marshall - and Meet-the-People Sessions (MPS) in Singapore are inextricably linked. On the 20th anniversary of his passing, we look back on how the MPS came to be, and how...
  • 10 Ways to Pay It Forward This Christmas
    Christmas is a season of giving, and a time to share joy and happiness. Here are 10 ways you can pay it forward to spread some Yuletide cheer this holiday season. 1. Support a local children’s home This holiday season, do consider reaching out to those who live within our midst...
  • IRC report shows escalation and notification process was flawed and needs overhaul
    News, press release
    We thank the Review Committee for their hard work in producing a detailed and professional report. The report identifies gaps in the infection control procedures for Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) at SGH, as well as in the national system for notification, escalation and response. For example: blood specks infected with Hepatitis C...
  • Shedding Light on Lighting Lamps - How We Celebrate Deepavali
    News, pritam singh
    With Deepavali celebrations in Aljunied GRC just over and with preparations underway in Hougang SMC, we caught up with MP-elect Pritam Singh and WP grassroots activist Misra Ramakant to learn more about how they celebrate the Festival of Lights.   Pritam Singh MP-elect (Aljunied GRC) Do you celebrate Deepavali? Pritam: Yes I do, but...
  • The Workers' Party Condemns Paris Attacks
    The Workers' Party strongly condemns the heinous terrorist attacks in Paris, France last night. We stand in agreement with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong that this is an attack on our shared humanity. We would like to express our deepest condolences to the victims and their families, and to the people...
  • 10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Deepavali
    10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Deepavali The Workers’ Party wishes all Hindus a Happy Deepavali and many good returns! Deepavali, or Diwali as the Northern Indians call it, is also known as the Festival of Lights. This festival is celebrated by Hindus in Singapore. Marking the victory of good...
  • Happy 58th Birthday Workers' Party!
    Today is the 58th anniversary of the inauguration of the Worker's Party (WP). The WP was inaugurated on 3 November 1957 with the founding principles of merdeka (independence), parliamentary democracy, and socialism. Let's celebrate this joyous occasion by reflecting on these words of wisdom by the party's first chaiman, Singapore's...
  • NCMP-elect Leon Perera responds to queries on WP's call for a COI on the Hep C cluster
    "We do not feel that it is necessary or helpful to have a two-step process. We have had Committees of Inquiry in the past, for example the Little India riots and the MRT breakdowns and other previous committees where we have not had a non-COI committee to investigate and...
  • Set Up Committee to Address Persistent Perceptions of Racial Discrimination
    News, press release
    The Workers’ Party welcomes the signing of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD) on October 19, 2015 and its expected ratification in 2017. The Workers’ Party strongly believes in the aspirations laid out in the National Pledge, and Singaporeans should continually better...
  • Further Response to Ministry of Health's (MOH) Press Secretary
    News, press release
    We thank the MOH for its latest reply on this issue. All Singaporeans have a stake in an effective healthcare system. Everyone should feel confident that the risk of serious infection in our public healthcare facilities is at an absolute minimum. We note that both MOH statements on Sunday 25...
  • Response to Ministry of Health's (MOH) Press Secretary
    News, press release
    I would like to respond to the MOH reply to our earlier press statement today. We thank the MOH for their reply to our statement calling for a COI on the Hep C infection cluster at SGH. The last sentence of the MOH statement refers to "whatever allegations it (the Workers'...
    News, press release
    THE WORKERS’ PARTY CALLS FOR A COMMITTEE OF INQUIRY ON THE HEPATITIS C CLUSTER AT SGH The Workers’ Party welcomes the broadening of the remit of the independent review committee to include review of MOH’s procedures and actions. Drawing the right lessons from the outbreak of the Hepatitis C virus infections...
  • WP Queries Delay In Hep C Outbreak Announcement
    News, press release
    The Workers’ Party extends its deepest condolences to the affected families and friends of the four patients who passed away since the outbreak of the Hepatitis C virus infections at the renal ward of the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) that affected 22 patients.   It was reported SGH had been aware...
  • Three New Faces Join WP’s Leadership
    News, press release
    The Workers’ Party has inducted three new members into its Central Executive Council (CEC). They are Mr Mohamed Fairoz Shariff, 36; Mr Foo Seck Guan, Kenneth, 38; and Mr Leon Perera, 45. This decision was made at the monthly meeting of the CEC on 6 October 2015, pursuant to Article...
  • Decisions by the Workers’ Party on NCMP positions
    News, press release
    The Workers’ Party’s Central Executive Council (CEC) met on 15 September 2015 to discuss the Non-constituency Member of Parliament (NCMP) seats offered to our candidates for General Election 2015. As six Workers’ Party candidates have been elected to Parliament in General Election 2015, the law allows for the three candidates...
  • Assembly Centre @ Hougang Stadium, Fri, 11th Sep, 8pm
    News, press release
    Assemble with us as we await the polling results! Hougang Stadium 100 Hougang Ave 2 8pm Friday, 11 September Come down with your flags and umbrellas to show your support for the Workers' Party!
  • Response to PAP Flyer on $22.5m Sinking Fund
    News, press release
    It has also come to our attention that the PAP has been circulating a flyer stating that the sinking fund of $22.5 million which was transferred to Aljunied-Hougang-Punggol East Town Council (AHPETC) is "now unaccounted for". The statement is incorrect and a malicious attempt at discrediting the Workers' Party. The...
  • Response to Charles Chong's Press Release on 9 September 2015 on Punggol East SMC'S Funds
    News, press release
    We refer to Mr Charles Chong’s press release dated 9 September 2015, where he accused the Workers’ Party of misquoting him on the issue of the $1m surplus in Punggol East’s funds. We attach a copy of the Lianhe Zaobao article dated 28 August 2015, which Mr Low Thia Khiang...
  • Empower Your Future, Vote Workers' Party!
    News, Social Content
    The highs, the lows, the hustling, the support, and heart-wrenching moments. We bring you highlights and special moments from our campaign so far. We also want to take this opportunity to thank all our supporters and volunteers, we couldn't have done it without you. Vote Workers' Party, Empower Your Future! Special...
  • WP Rally @ Bedok Stadium, 9 Sep, 7-10pm
    Rally for East Coast GRC & Fengshan SMC! Bedok Stadium 1 Bedok North Street 2 7pm-10pm Wednesday, 9th Sept Come down with your flags and umbrellas to show us your support for the final Workers' Party Rally this GE2015!
  • Punggol East SMC Financial Statements for the Financial Period 01 April 2013 - 30 April 2013
    Download the Punggol East SMC Financial Statements for the Financial Period 01 April 2013 to 31 April 2013 here.
  • PE SMC Merger Accounts
    News, press release
    On 6 September 2015, Dr Ng Eng Hen said that the PAP would issue a “definitive clarification” in response to WP’s question posed at the rally on 5 September 2015. To date, we have not received any clarification. We wish to put on record the following matters. On 28...
  • WP Rally @ Serangoon Stadium, 8 Sep, 7-10pm
    Rally for Aljunied GRC Serangoon Stadium 33 Yio Chu Kang Rd 7pm-10pm Tuesday, 8th Sept Come down with your flags and umbrellas to show us your support!
  • WP Rally @ Ubi Ave 1, 7 Sep, 7-10pm
    Rally for Marine Parade GRC and MacPherson SMC Field opposite Blk 344 Ubi Ave 1 7pm-10pm Monday, 7th Sep Come down with your flags and umbrellas to show us your support!
  • WP Rally @ Simei Road, 6 Sep, 7-10pm
    Rally for East Coast GRC and Fengshan SMC Field in front of Blk 155 Simei Road 7pm-10pm Sunday, 6th Sep Come down with your flags and umbrellas to show us your support!  
  • WP Rally @ Punggol Field Walk, 5 Sep, 7-10pm
    Rally for Punggol East SMC and Sengkang West SMC! Field in front of Blk 128C Punggol Field Walk 7pm-10pm Saturday, 5th Sep Come down with your flags and umbrellas to show us your support!
  • WP's First Party Political Broadcast
    ICYMI: Daniel Goh delivered the Workers' Party's first political broadcast last evening. "Your vote is a signal to the ruling party that it cannot do what it wants without taking you seriously." ‪#‎wpsg‬ ‪#‎GE2015‬ ‪#‎EmpowerYourFuture‬    
  • WP Rally @ Yishun Stadium, 4 Sep, 7-10pm
    Rally with us in Nee Soon GRC! Yishun Stadium 103 Yishun Ave 1 7pm-10pm Friday, 4th Sep Come down with your flags and umbrellas to show us your support!
  • WP Rally @ Boon Keng Road, 3 Sep, 7-10pm
    Rally with us in Jalan Besar GRC! Field in front of Blk 4 Boon Keng Road 7pm-10pm Thursday, 3rd Sep Come down with your flags and umbrellas to show us your support!  
  • WP Rally @ Hougang, 2 Sep, 7-10pm
    Rally with us in Hougang SMC! Field in front of Blk 837 Hougang Central 7pm-10pm Wednesday, 2nd Sep Come down with your flags and umbrellas to show us your support!  
  • Join us on Nomination Day!
    It’s Nomination Day tomorrow! If you’d like to show your support to our candidates, don a blue shirt and head down to the following locations by 11am to cheer them on. Aljunied GRC and Sengkang West SMC Raffles Institution Albert Hong Hall Raffles Institution Lane Singapore 575954 East Coast GRC, Fengshan SMC and Punggol East...
  • FY1415 Chairman's Review
    THE YEAR IN PERSPECTIVE It is with satisfaction that Aljunied-Hougang-Punggol East Town Council (AHPETC) presents this annual report enclosing its audited accounts for Financial Year (FY) 2014/15. This report is significant for several reasons. First, the audited financial statements for the year are filed on time, and less than two months...
  • Sylvia Lim's Second Open Letter to Residents
    SECOND OPEN LETTER TO RESIDENTS OF ALJUNIED-HOUGANG-PUNGGOL EAST TOWN Dear Residents, In my First Open Letter to you in June 2015, I explained three main points concerning various allegations made against Aljunied-Hougang-Punggol East Town Council (AHPETC).  These were: 1. AHPETC does not and cannot reserve contracts for “friends” due to the public...
    RESPONSE TO MND’S LETTER ON FMSS’ ACCOUNTS 29 August 2015 To: Mr Han Kok Juan Senior Director (Housing) Ministry of National Development Dear Mr Han, FMSS’ ACCOUNTS We refer to your letter, received today. We are appalled at the series of careless accusations made by your Ministry against Aljunied Hougang Punggol East Town Council (AHPETC). It is...
  • Launch of WP News App
    The WP News App is a platform for WP members, volunteers, supporters and all Singaporeans to conveniently keep updated about the latest news about WP. Key features: - Read the latest news stories from WP, including press statements, MPs' and election candidates' speeches, feature stories and more. - Share news stories with...
  • WP Unveils First Four Candidates
    The Workers' Party kicked off its campaign by introducing four new candidates, Dylan Ng Foo Eng, Koh Choong Yong, Daniel Goh Pei Siong, and Redzwan Hafidz Abdul Razak.   Find out more about them in our Candidates page.
  • AHPETC Able to Fulfil Sinking Fund Obligations with Grants (Media Release 17 Aug 2015)
    "DPM Tharman Shanmugaratnam claimed that even if the operating grant withheld by the Ministry of National Development (MND) for FY 14/15 is paid in its entirety into AHPETC’s Sinking Funds, it would not be sufficient to comply with AHPETC’s sinking fund obligations for the financial year. This is incorrect. Despite the...
  • All elected MPs to stay in their constituencies - Sylvia Lim
    "While all the MPs will be assisting all the candidates in the areas that we've announced, the Aljunied GRC team will remain intact to contest the coming GE. It is meaningful for us to remain as a team to seek their mandate for the next term. All the elected MPs...
  • Statement on MacPherson SMC and Marine Parade GRC
    News, press release
    The Workers’ Party (WP) thanks the National Solidarity Party for announcing its decision not to contest in MacPherson SMC and Marine Parade GRC early. WP will continue to focus on its preparations and campaign on the 10 constituencies announced. Sylvia Lim Chairman, The Workers’ Party 10 August 2015
  • WP to contest in 5 GRCs and 5 SMCs in the coming GE
    Secretary General of The Workers' Party Mr Low Thia Khiang addresses the media today, and indicated the party's interest in contesting in Marine Parade GRC, MacPherson SMC, as well as the areas WP has contested before. "As a matter of principle, The Workers' Party will contest where we have contested...
  • WP Statement on NSEWL MRT Breakdown
    News, press release
    The Workers’ Party is deeply worried over the 3.5 hour disruption of train services along the entire stretch of both the North-South and East-West MRT lines on 7 July 2015. The severe inconvenience caused to an estimated quarter-of-a-million commuters during the evening rush hour makes this the most serious...
  • Office Bearers of the Workers’ Party for the Term of 2014 to 2016
    News, press release
    The Workers’ Party (WP) held its first Central Executive Council (CEC) meeting on 5 August 2014 following the election of the CEC on 27 July 2014. The office bearers of the Workers’ Party elected for the term of 2014 to 2016 are as follows: Chairman: Ms Sylvia Lim Swee Lian Vice-Chairman: Mr...
  • Workers’ Party CEC Election 2014
    News, press release
    The Workers’ Party held its Conference of Organisers on 27 July 2014 at the Party Headquarters on Syed Alwi Road. The Organising Members elected the following as Party Chairman and Secretary-General: Chairman: Ms Sylvia Lim Swee Lian (林瑞莲), 49 Secretary-General: Mr Low Thia Khiang (刘程强), 57 The following 12 members were elected to the Central Executive Council...
  • WP’s statement on MediShield Life Review Committee’s recommendations
    News, press release
    The Workers’ Party welcomes the MediShield Life Review Committee’s recommendations on MediShield Life. Many of the recommended enhancements to the MediShield health insurance scheme have been articulated by Workers’ Party MPs in Parliament as well as by many Singaporeans over the years. These include adjusting co-payments and claim limits...
  • WP May Day 2014 Message: Value the contributions of mature workers
    News, press release
    LABOUR Day is the day we honour the hardworking men and women who provide for our families and power the wheels of our economy. Singapore has one of the most competitive and skilled workforces in the world. The progress of our economy and our nation has been built on...
  • Workers’ Party Statement on Public Transport Fare Review Exercise
    News, press release
    The Workers’ Party (WP) welcomes the new and enhanced concession schemes to make public transport more affordable for people with disabilities, senior citizens, low-wage workers, students and full-time national servicemen. These groups will finally enjoy some overdue relief for their travel needs, for which the public and the WP...
  • WP Statement on the Little India Riot
    News, press release
    The Workers’ Party wishes a speedy recovery to the Home Team officers and other victims who were injured during the riot in Little India on Sunday 8 December 2013, and we extend our condolences to the family of the deceased traffic accident victim, Mr Sakthivel Kumaravelu. We believe that the...
  • Current hijab discussion should not be politicised; Dialogue with uniformed professions urged
    News, press release
    WP is committed to the ideal of a multi-racial and multi-cultural Singapore where citizens of all faiths and races have the right to practice their religion as fully as possible in harmony with all the communities. We value diversity in unity, and believe that the understanding and embracing of...
  • Clarifications by WP MPs on FMSS during Town Councils debate in Parliament
    News, press release
    During the debate in Parliament on Town Councils on 13 May 2013, National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan made several remarks about the Workers’ Party (WP), Aljunied-Hougang-Punggol East Town Council (AHPETC) and AHPETC’s managing agent (MA), FM Solutions and Services Pte Ltd (FMSS). Ms Sylvia Lim (Chairman of the WP...
  • Town Council Management – What is really at stake
    News, press release, sylvia lim
    16 May 2013 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TOWN COUNCIL MANAGEMENT – WHAT IS REALLY AT STAKE During the debate in Parliament on Town Councils on 13 May 2013, Parliament discussed the controversial sale of the Town Council Management System (TCMS) to Action Information Management Pte Ltd (AIM), a company wholly-owned by the PAP,...
  • The Workers’ Party Labour Day Message 2013
    News, press release
    Every year, Labour Day serves to remind us that the economic progress we have achieved as a nation would not have been possible without our workers’ immense contributions and sacrifices. Today, we pay a special tribute to our Singaporean workers, who are well-regarded around the world for their hard...
  • WP votes for a Sustainable Singapore
    News, population white paper, press release
    For the last one week, Parliament debated the motion to endorse the Government’s White Paper on Population entitled “A Sustainable Population for a Dynamic Singapore”. The Workers’ Party MPs voted against the Amended Motion in Parliament today.  Although the Amended Motion captures some of the Workers’ Party’s concerns about the...
  • MP Sylvia Lim introduces Lee Li Lian as Candidate for Punggol East By-Election
    News, press release
    INTRODUCTION OF CANDIDATE FOR PUNGGOL EAST BY-ELECTION 2012 Thank you for coming. Today it’s my pleasure to introduce WP’s candidate for Punggol East. She actually requires little introduction to the Punggol East residents, as she contested there as our candidate in GE 2011. Lee Li Lian grew up in Lorong Lew Lian and...
  • Punggol East By-Election Candidate Introduction – Lee Li Lian
    News, press release
    My name is Lee Li Lian. I’m the eldest of three daughters and I grew up in a HDB 3 room flat in Lor Lew Lian. I’m happily married to a Telecommunications Consultant. In the last GE2011, I was honoured to be chosen as the candidate for Punggol East SMC. It...
  • WP ready to offer a choice to voters of Punggol East SMC
    News, press release, punggol east by-election
    The Workers’ Party has noted the announcement today that the Speaker of Parliament, Mr Michael Palmer, has resigned from the People’s Action Party. By virtue of Article 46 of the Constitution, Mr Palmer’s Parliamentary seat for Punggol East Single Member Constituency (SMC) has become vacant. In order that the residents of...
  • Public interest must always come first: Workers’ Party
    News, press release, transport
    The Workers’ Party is concerned about the Transport Minister’s suggestion on 6 December 2012 that bus fares may increase so as to improve the pay of bus drivers in Singapore. It is unfortunate that the Minister has made this statement so soon after the SMRT bus drivers’ strike over...
  • WP statement on bus drivers’ strike: SMRT must address workers’ grievances better
    manpower and employment, News, press release, transport
    The Workers’ Party has been following with great concern the unfolding events surrounding the strike by SMRT bus drivers on 26-27 November 2012. As a result of the strike, some bus services were disrupted and commuters suffered inconveniences on our already-crowded public transport network. This is the first strike in...
  • Workers’ Party’s statement on the film “Innocence of Muslims”
    Faisal Manap, News, press release
    The Workers’ Party strongly rejects the amateur film “Innocence of Muslims”, which was uploaded on the Internet and has caused much furore globally. We consider the film repulsive and deplorable, as it denigrates a religious faith. Such expressions of disrespect have no place in a multiracial and multi-religious society...
  • Expulsion of Yaw Shin Leong from Party Membership
    News, press release
    The Workers’ Party has expelled Yaw Shin Leong from the party with immediate effect. WP believes strongly in transparency and accountability, and expects no less from our party members, especially our Members of Parliament. Shin Leong has been accused of several indiscretions in his private life. By continuing not to account...
  • Changes In Workers’ Party Leadership
    News, press release
    The Workers’ Party wishes to inform the public that at the monthly meeting of the Executive Council on Tuesday, 7 February 2012, the Council accepted the resignation of Yaw Shin Leong from the party leadership. Yaw Shin Leong will cease to be Treasurer of the Party with immediate effect. The...
  • WP’s statement on the Ministerial Salary Review Committee’s report
    ministerial salary, News, press release
    1.  The recommendations of the Committee to Review Ministerial Salaries (“the Committee”) are a step in the right direction towards grounding political leaders with a stronger sense of public service and mission. We hope that Ministers and Members of Parliament (MPs) will see political office primarily as a noble...
  • WP’s Statement on MRT service disruptions
    News, press release
    The Workers’ Party is deeply concerned about the frequency of MRT train service disruptions along the North-South and East-West (NS-EW) lines and the Circle Line, which are managed by SMRT Corporation (SMRT). We are particularly dismayed by the scale of the service disruption between Marina Bay and Braddell MRT...
  • Workers’ Party position on the Internal Security Act
    News, press release
    The Workers’ Party notes the Malaysian government’s proposal to repeal the Internal Security Act (ISA). The Workers’ Party manifestos, including the 2011 election manifesto, proposed the abolition of the ISA in Singapore. This repeal would destroy the prospect of any government using the wide ranging powers therein to curtail its...
    News, press release
    We welcome the decision by Peoples’ Association (PA) to lift the restriction imposed on permit applicants on who they can or cannot invite to functions at sites now controlled by the PA. The restriction had caused many Aljunied residents to feel torn and in an emotional dilemma. HDB and PA’s...
    News, press release
    Background In 1991, when the Workers’ Party (WP) took over the management of the Hougang Town Council (HGTC), the first challenge it faced was to manage the common property in a fair and transparent manner by balancing the interests of all parties concerned. In response to complaints of noise pollution and...
  • Media Release on Use of Public Sites at Aljunied GRC
    News, press release
    This release seeks to enlighten the public about what transpired in the weeks after the May General Election, which has led to the current controversy about use of public spaces by residents of Aljunied GRC to organise events. Background Facts On 21 June 2011, the interim Secretary of Aljunied-Hougang Town Council...
  • Workers’ Party’s Statement on the Prime Minister’s National Day Rally Speech 2011
    News, press release
    The Workers’ Party is pleased to note that the Prime Minister has addressed several areas of concern to Singaporeans, namely housing, education, jobs, healthcare costs and social safety nets. The Prime Minister acknowledged that infrastructure programmes, especially in the areas of housing and public transport, could not keep up with...
  • National Day Statement 2011 – Honouring Our First Generation
    News, press release
    Forty-six years is hardly a significant span of time. Yet in just this short period, Singapore has transformed from a young nation coping with the challenges of independence, to a developed economy and a vibrant metropolis. We can now marvel at our many accomplishments and accolades, and celebrate our...
  • Media release on MPs’ offices at void decks
    News, press release
    We refer to the announcement by the Ministry of National Development (MND) on 27 May 2011, that the Housing and Development Board (HDB) would henceforth permit void decks to be rented out to elected Members of Parliament for use as MPs’ offices to conduct Meet-the-People sessions (MPS) at the...
  • Overhauling Singapore’s public transport model
    News, press release, transport
    Market failures in public transport These are simplistic and tired old arguments about the virtues of private enterprises which fail to fully appreciate the economic reality of the public transport industry in Singapore. Firstly, taxpayers who do not take public transport already contribute to the provision of public transport in the...
    News, press release
    The Workers’ Party (WP) held its first Central Executive Council (CEC) meeting post-General Election 2011 on Tuesday 7 June 2011. At the meeting, newly elected Members of Parliament (MPs) for Aljunied GRC, Mr Chen Show Mao and Mr Pritam Singh, as well as Non-constituency MP, Mr Yee Jenn Jong, were...
  • Letter to ST Forum from Mr Png Eng Huat (24 April 2011)
    Letters, News, png eng huat
    24 April 2011 (Sunday) To ST Forum Editor The Workers’ Party (WP) does not see the need to model our ‘First World Parliament’ theme after any country (‘The inconvenient truth about WP’s campaign slogan’, Apr 23). The simple truth is a First World government cannot exist without a First World parliament to...
  • Letter to ST Forum from Mr Gerald Giam
    gerald giam, Letters, News
    The Editor Straits Times Forum Dear Sir, I refer to Ms Indranee Rajah’s letter (‘WP’s fictional First World Parliament’, ST, 19 April). The Workers’ Party (WP) does not share Ms Rajah’s cynicism of democratic politics. The fact that WP’s vision of a First World Parliament does not model itself after any particular developed...
  • Letter to ST Forum from Ms Sylvia Lim
    Letters, News, sylvia lim
    To the ST Forum Editor Chen Show Mao I refer to the letter by Dr Ng Eng Hen entitled “Writer’s query on Chen reasonable, says PAP” (19 April). Voters have every right to scrutinize candidates. However, Dr Ng must know that, even before Chen Show Mao has been formally introduced as a...
  • Letter to ST Forum from Ms Sylvia Lim
    Letters, News, sylvia lim
    To ST Forum Editor, I refer to the letter by Ms Lee Hwai Jiin entitled `Full voting rights?  Sure, get elected’ (ST April 16). My comments on the different voting rights between Non-Constituency Members of Parliament (NCMPs) and elected MPs were made precisely to highlight that the two offices are not...
  • Letter to ST Forum from Ms Sylvia Lim
    Letters, News, sylvia lim
    Dear ST Forum Editor, First World Parliament I refer to the letter by Eugene Tan (ST 13 April) entitled: “UK, US? Give him a S’pore MP anyday”. In responding to the Workers’ Party’s (WP) campaign slogan “Vote Workers’ Party – Towards A First World Parliament”, the writer has misunderstood the term “First...
  • Letter to ST Forum from Mr Low Thia Khiang
    Letters, low thia khiang, News
    To: ST Forum Editor I refer to the letter by Benjamin Chow titled “About Chen: Time will tell”. Mr Chow has cast aspersions on Chen Show Mao, questioned his motives and concluded his letter with “only time will tell”. I agree that many things in life are proven by time. There is...
  • EBRC Report – Response to SM Goh Chok Tong
    News, press release
    We refer to the remarks by Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong (SM Goh) as reported in the Straits Times today, 28 Feb 2011. In attempting to re-cast the boundary changes to Aljunied GRC as more disadvantageous to the ruling party than the opposition, he stated that opposition candidates “have no...