Low Thia Khiang’s Rally Speech, Jalan Besar Rally, 3 Sep (English)


In 2011, you answered the call of the Workers’ Party to steer Singapore towards a First World Parliament.

You gave us your vote of confidence and encouraged us to forge ahead with our vision of creating a better Singapore.

The past 4 years have not been easy. But it has never been easy being in Singapore politics, especially if you have different views and take a different stand from the PAP.

Despite the challenges and obstacles, the Workers’ Party MPs continued to focus on our duty to articulate your views and represent you in Parliament to check the government.

We have supported policies that benefit the people, such as the Pioneer Generation package, and spoke up against policies that affect you, such as the Population White Paper. We made sure that your voices are heard, even though there were only 7 elected Workers’ Party MPs out of 87 MPs.

I am satisfied with the performance of the Workers’ Party in Parliament.

We have not disrupted the workings of the government and have upheld the dignity of Parliament. We have fulfilled our promise to be a rational, respectable and responsible party.

Against all odds, we have also emerged stronger as a team and are determined to continue working towards a better Singapore.

Yes, Singapore has prospered and the lives of Singaporeans have improved materially in the past 50 years. But in the process, there were also policy trade-offs and sacrifices made by our people.

As we celebrate 50 years of independence, we should look at Singapore now and consider: where do we go from here?

For many years, the PAP has defined and interpreted what is the national interest, and what is in the best interest of the people. They have also decided on policies unilaterally as the government with huge majority in Parliament.

Being in power for so long, the PAP equates Singapore to the PAP government, and the PAP government to the PAP. Because of this mindset, they paint the opposition and critics as troublemakers and rebels.

We must stop the PAP from becoming more self-absorbed. You must retain a say in how Singapore is run by having people of your choice, representing your voice, in the Parliament.

We must remind PAP that there is a distinction between what is national interest and the PAP’s interest. Workers’ Party supporters are as loyal to Singapore as any supporter of the PAP.

Do not let the PAP monopolise the narrative.

Before we had social media, the mainstream media acted as the mouthpiece of the PAP and was the only source of information.

Now, with competition, people have more means to find out the facts and truth. With education, people can analyse and see issues on their own. We need a system that promotes such progress in society.

The past is our mirror, the present is our reflection and the future is in our hands to make. We must not let the PAP decide our future according to their whims and fancies any longer.

We must remind the PAP that Singapore is a nation, not a corporation. We must hammer home the message, that the people are the masters of Singapore.

This is a landmark election. I urge you to vote for the Workers’ Party, so that you, me, each and every one of us here, the people of Singapore, can collectively decide on the direction and forge our future together.

Vote for the Worker’s Party. Empower your future!

劉 程 強
Low Thia Khiang