How to emerge a victorious foodie this Ramadan

Craving for a few festive bites, yet tired of jostling with the crowd at the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar? Head further east for the Tampines Ramadan Bazaar, and refer to our tips on how to navigate the bazaar like a champ. You are in for a visual and gastronomical feast!


1. Stay well-hydrated

Make a beeline for the numerous stalls selling cold beverages and pick up a sweet, icy weapon to battle the sweltering heat! Arm yourself with a cup of refreshing Thai iced tea or take your pick from a variety of lemonades (pictured).

For those with a sweet tooth, check out the quirky drink stall selling milkshakes blended with chocolate bars. Fancy a Tim Tam or Snickers milkshake anyone?

2. Explore your taste buds

International cuisine has been making a splash in our local bazaars. Hot on the heels of Turkish Kebabs and Japanese Takoyaki, are snacks such as Spanish Churros (pictured), Thai Pancakes, and Coconut ice cream. Fulfill your wanderlust by eating your way around the different stalls.

Prefer food with a local twist? Hop on the golden lava bandwagon and try out some Churros with Salted Egg Yolk sauce.

3. Embrace colourful food

From multi-coloured Kueh Lapis and vivid fruit-flavoured drinks to ice popsicles in every shade of the rainbow, a walk through the bazaar will reveal many of such colourful fare.

Fans of crowd favourite, Fried Oreos, can rejoice as your beloved snack now comes in red and blue velvet! Feeling spoilt for choice yet?

Don’t forget to leave some stomach space for a cup of Cotton Candy Soda (pictured), a whimsical drink in pastel hues topped with a fluffy white cloud.

4. Remember that oldies are goodies

When we mention comfort food, the items that come to mind are the traditional Steamed Corn, Rice Cupcakes, and Putu Piring (pictured), the staple of every pasar malam in Singapore.

Don’t leave the bazaar without a few of these all-time favourites, as supper will not be complete without a Ramly burger or Roti John! And who can resist a few crispy Prawn Vadais to finish off the meal?

5. Top it off with yummy desserts

Of course, there’s always room for desserts. First on the list are Cake Donut Balls (pictured), a sweet treat that comes in several flavours, from salted caramel to strawberry with cheesecake crumbs.

Next up is a must-try for durian lovers ­– Durian Goreng, a unique snack fast gaining popularity this year.

Last but not least, how about a sweet ending to our Ramadan bazaar experience with a cup of ice-cold Cendol, complete with delicious pandan jelly and rich, butterscotchy Gula Melaka?

An enduring local feature of the season of Ramadan, the bazaars are reflective of Singapore’s cosmopolitan identity. Beyond the influence of our multiracial mix, the bazaars today have incorporated all sorts of international tastes in a way that can only be described as uniquely Singapore. Check out the Tampines Ramadan Bazaar located just outside Tampines MRT Station.


Written by WP Newsdesk volunteers ~