Foo Seck Guan’s Rally Speech, Bedok Stadium Rally, 9 Sep




Dear Singaporeans and voters of East Coast GRC, good evening!

Firstly, I would like to thank you for the support shown towards the Workers’ Party by joining us today. During our walkabouts and house visits, we are humbled that many residents came to thank us for standing up for them. In contrary, we are the ones who should be thankful as it is you, voters of Singapore, who dare to make the choice by supporting Workers’ Party to protect the interest of fellow Singaporeans. You are the real heroes of Singapore!

Why should you not vote for the PAP?

PAP has ruled Singapore since independence and there were many pioneers who worked hard to make Singapore what it is today. However, do you think that the current PAP team can lead you through the next 50 years? There are 3 reasons why we should not vote for the PAP on the 11 Sep.

Heart not in the right place

During the lunch time rally held on 8 Sep, PM Lee said and I quote “For politics to work, we must have good people in government. Capable people, committed people, people who will work hard and people who heart are in the right place.” Is that the truth for the current PAP team?

Dr Koh Poh Koon, self-declared Son of Punggol, deserted Punggol East residents to be the godson of Ang Mo Kio GRC. Mr Desmond Choo, promised that he will stand up for Hougang and where is he now? Hiding in Tampines GRC! Last but not least, Mr Ong Ye Kung, said in his rally speech that he will be with Aljunied all the way… (I think he never finish his sentence) he meant from Sembawang GRC?

Are these people with hearts in the right place? They fought, lost and ran away to seek shelter. Hokkien call zhao lor (跑路) ah! Now they go GRC, this is call Jia Xi Gueh, Wah Dua Peng(吃西瓜,靠大边)ah! If this is serving NS, they had gone AWOL and should be sent to Detention Barrack liao!

PAP has been singing praises of the work they have done for Singapore in the past 50 years. They are asking you to vote them based on their past records. My question is, if Singaporeans did not stand by them through thick and thin, would they have achieved what they set out in the first place? Singaporeans are the ones that made it possible, not the PAP.

Stronger opposition is good for PAP and will not result in freak result

PAP kept harping on the fact that voting against them will result in a freak result. Dear voters, do you think that the PAP is insulting our IQ? We can’t distinguish between good and bad or credible parties to vote for? I think you should tell them to stop telling us what to do! “I not stupid ok!”

In addition, Mr Tharman also said on TV on 2 April 2011 that a strong opposition is good for PAP and Singapore; Ng Eng Hen just a few days ago appealed for us to “bring in as many ideas as we can, wherever they come from”. As such, please fulfill his wish by sending more Workers’ Party candidates into Parliament!

More credible oppositions will provide diversity and not gridlock

Last but not least, PAP also like to say that if you vote more opposition into Parliament it will lead to instability as there will be a gridlock. I doubt so. We are a mature and educated society. We know how to make rational decisions.

We need to build diversity and seek out different opinions to sharpen policies. We seek to diverge, then to converge. Isn’t that right? Diversity breeds creativity and innovation which can lead us into the new millennium. Isn’t Singapore’s society the best example of a diverse population which worked together to build a strong Singapore today?

Voters, with the 3 reasons stated, I urge you to vote for the Worker’s Party when we go on the Polls on the 11 Sep! Will you vote for Workers’ Party?

What Workers’ Party hopes to achieve

Now, I would like to share on what we want to achieve with you. The Workers’ Party Campaign and Manifesto slogan for this election is “Empower your Future”. We made over 130 recommendations to improve policies in our manifesto and aspire to create a better society. Tonight I would like to talk about 3 areas.

Dynamic and Confident People

Firstly, let me touch on building a dynamic and confident people. To advance into the new era, we need to encourage and build a community that is dynamic and confident. People who can think critically and be different. Through our public outreach such as YouthQuake organised by our Youth Wing and engaging residents on feedback for policies, we provided a platform for aspiring Singaporeans to step forward to voice their opinions and play a role in nation building.

Two days back, I met two youths, Justin and VJ at Khatib MRT during my walkabouts. We discussed municipal and national issues. They are concerned about the direction of our country. This is the diversity and open communication we aim to achieve where everyone plays a part in nation building.

Focusing on Singaporeans

Secondly, we want to build a country focusing on our citizens. We need to build a society where citizens dare to take up challenges to make life better, not only for themselves but also for fellow Singaporeans. I am saddened to hear that some Singaporeans decided to leave Singapore as they felt stressed and lost while trying to find their place in Singapore. We want to forge a stronger national identity where all Singaporeans will stay and work together to achieve our aspirations together.

I would like to share an example of someone who took the challenge to fight for the rights of Singaporeans.

Michael, a WP supporter with kidney problems came forward to volunteer for Workers’ Party this election. Despite the challenges faced by him, he wants to make a difference to the political situation in Singapore. One day during our house visit, he felt dizzy and wanted to continue but was stopped by the team after much persuasion.

Dear Singaporeans, we need more people like Michael who are motivated to stand for our rights and ready to work for it. Do you think he deserve a round of applause him for his determination? We urge you to also join us in building a Singapore focused on Singaporeans.

Compassionate and Equitable Growth

Last but not least, Singapore must have compassionate and equitable growth. Economic progression must be accompanied by social progression. Singapore has to be a compassionate and accepting society. Moving forward, we will face many challenges such as aging population, income inequality, and other social problems.

The Workers’ Party aims to work towards a society where everyone looks after each other. It’s not about doing great things, it’s about doing small things that can make a great impact. Even picking up rubbish after the rally is a desirable behavior which shows we care as Singaporeans. Tio boh??


Dear Singaporeans and voters of East Coast GRC and Fengshan SMC, the Workers’ Party has put forth our proposals and manifesto for your consideration. We want to build a bright future with your support.

Come Sep 11, Vote the Workers’ Party and Empower your Future!