Chen Show Mao’s Rally Speech, Serangoon Stadium Rally, 8 Sep

Voters of Aljunied and fellow Singaporeans,

Selamat datang.  Terima kasih atas kehadiran anda.

Please allow me to begin in Chinese.





四年前你把神圣的一票投给工人党, 帮助新加坡在民主建设的道路上向前迈出一步。谢谢你。这四年来,我们一起经历又克服了一项又一项的困难。让我们继续向前迈进-- 掌握民权,把握未来。

Dear friends, welcome.
Dear voters of Aljunied:

I was saying in Chinese: four years ago, my wife, my children and I moved into Aljunied to live in the Paya Lebar ward that was under my charge. So I too am a voter of Aljunied.

Recently we have had lots of visitors, including ESM Goh Chok Tong who gave us some advice about how to cast our vote. First, the kind of candidates to vote for, and I agree with him on this. He said,
“When you vote for somebody, you must vote for a candidate whose values you appreciate – values like humility, sincerity, hard work, integrity, honesty,” he said. “They are very important”, and I agree.
Second, he said, “when you vote, you must look to your own interests.” I agree. Voters of Aljunied, you must look to your own interests. But each of us has multiple different interests and I’d like to remind you, remind us, that we should look to our long term interests. When we vote, let us look to our most fundamental and important interests. I’d also like to remind you that our most fundamental and important interests are intertwined with those of many other Singaporeans. So please, vote responsibly.

ESM Goh said that the good ship Singapore steered by the PAP has
a clear direction, and the ship steered by the opposition would be a gambling cruise ship adrift at sea.
Yes Captain, your ship is headed in one direction: in 15 years’ time, 6.9 million people in Singapore, 55% of them citizens, with  projected economic growth rates of 3 to 5% tapering to 2 to 3%. We’re saying, the ship should go in this direction: lower economic growth rates of just 0.5% less than your projections, but with one million fewer people in Singapore, and with at least 60% of them Singaporean citizens.
That’s the direction we’d like to go, but we understand that you are the captain during your term of government. It is your right to govern, to steer the ship. We have an obligation to tell you that we feel you are going in the wrong direction, but we also have a responsibility to work with you to ensure safe passage for all the passengers.

Dear voters of Aljunied,

Four years ago you entrusted the Workers’ Party with your vote, and helped Singapore take a step forward in strengthening its democratic institutions. Thank you.

In these four years, together we overcame obstacle after obstacle.  Let us continue on our journey. Empower your future.