Happy Lunar New Year!

The Workers’ Party wishes all a very happy lunar new year. 

Latest Parliamentary Speeches

  • Parliamentary Q&A for 7 February 2017 Sitting

    PERSONS APPOINTED AS NON-RESIDENT AMBASSADORS FROM 2011 TO 2016 Sylvia Lim asked if a list of the persons appointed by the Government as Non-Resident Ambassadors from 2011 to 2016 can be provided. Vivan Balakrishnan replied that 45 Non-Resident Ambassadors were appointed from 2011 and 2016. He referred Ms Lim to the MFA website for the

  • Parliamentary Q&A for 6 February 2017 Sitting

    ENFORCEMENT OF LABOUR COURT ORDERS ON ERRANT EMPLOYERS Sylvia Lim asked what mechanisms are in place to ensure that employers who are in financial problems continue to pay salaries that are due to their employees. Lim Swee Say replied that it is “not quite possible” for MOM to assess whether the company is able to

  • Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill – Speech by Dennis Tan

    (Delivered in Parliament on 7 February 2017)   The Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill is introducing changes covering different aspects of road traffic regulations.  Among other things, the Bill is seeking to establish a regulatory framework for the undertaking of trials and use on Singapore roads for autonomous or driverless vehicles. The Bill is also seeking

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