Latest Parliamentary Speeches

  • Administration of Muslim Law (Amendment) Bill – Speech by Muhamad Faisal Abdul Manap

    (Delivered in Parliament on 1 August 2017)   In Malay Puan, Rang undang-undang Pindaan AMLA atau Akta Pentadbiran Hukum Islam yang dibentangkan ini adalah bertujuan untuk, memperteguh institusi-institusi Muslim; mempertingkat pengurusan aset-aset Muslim; (iii) dan memperkukuh keluarga-keluarga Muslim dengan memperhalusi serta memperbaiki proses-proses dan undang-undang yang sedia ada supaya ia sesuai dengan perubahan keadaan dan

  • Parliamentary Q&A for 4 July 2017 sitting

    HDB’S HOME IMPROVEMENT PROGRAMME Png Eng Huat enquired delays in implementing HIP since the programme started and about which precincts have experienced the longest delays. Desmond Lee replied that the average time taken between the award of an HIP contract to polling is about nine months. After polling, residents are given six weeks to select

  • Parliamentary Q&A for 3 July 2017 sitting

    RELEASE OF INFORMATION RELATED TO DEEDS OF GIFTS Daniel Goh asked whether deeds of gifts executed with the NHB may be shared with third parties and if the 38 Oxley Road Deed of Gift had been protected by a confidentiality clause. Lawrence Wong replied that NHB would verify consent on items donated from an estate

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