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Latest Parliamentary Speeches

  • Parliamentary Q&A for 3 March 2017 Sitting

    EXIT OF MANUFACTURING OPERATIONS BY US COMPANIES Dennis Tan asked how does the Government intend to help Singapore companies mitigate the effects of the manufacturing move back to the US by US companies. Lim Hng Kiang said that Singapore must maintain our economic competitiveness. He explained that existing schemes like the Industry Transformation Maps (ITMs),

  • Parliamentary Q&A for 2 March 2017 Sitting

    COMPOSITION OF SG ENABLE MANAGEMENT TEAM Dennis Tan asked how many persons with disabilities and/or special needs are there on the SG Enable’s management team and what percentage of the management team do they comprise. Tan Chuan-Jin said that currently there are two of the 13 board members who are persons with disabilities and he

  • Parliamentary Q&A for 28 February 2017 Sitting

     IMPACT OF ALGAE BLOOMS AND OIL SPILLS ON LOCALLY FARMED FISH Leon Perera asked what impact algae blooms and the recent oil spill have on local fish consumption target and what measures are taken to help coastal fish farmers cope and change their production methods to be more efficient and less susceptible to such events.

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