Workers’ Party’s statement on the film “Innocence of Muslims”

The Workers’ Party strongly rejects the amateur film “Innocence of Muslims”, which was uploaded on the Internet and has caused much furore globally. We consider the film repulsive and deplorable, as it denigrates a religious faith. Such expressions of disrespect have no place in a multiracial and multi-religious society like Singapore, and indeed in a globalised world.

We share the hurt felt by many Singaporean Muslims caused by this offensive film. We are confident that Singaporean Muslims will continue to voice out their unhappiness with this film in a peaceful manner. We reject the violent reactions that have taken place in some parts of the world, including the attacking of diplomatic missions and embassy officials. Violence is not the way to resolve such disagreements.

The Workers’ Party celebrates the multiracial and multi-religious diversity in our society. We respect the freedom to practice one’s faith and believe that faith groups should exercise this freedom in the spirit of mutual respect. We hope that every segment of our society, regardless of race or religion, will stand in solidarity in rejecting any individuals or groups that seek to sow discord between different racial or religious groups.

President, Workers’ Party Youth Wing and Executive Council Member
Member of Parliament for Aljunied GRC

22 September 2012