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Our Manifesto

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The Workers’ Party GE2020 Manifesto

This is our vision for Singapore:

  • Singaporeans must be enabled to achieve their dreams: starting from our schools to ensure all our children are given the right tools and support to fulfil their potential and ambitions, and having social policies that support hardworking families to achieve their dreams.
  • We must forge a dynamic economy with competitive, locally-based firms that can withstand global and internal forces of change, while providing dignified jobs for our workers.
  • We will work together to build the home that we want: tackling the cost of living, having a robust health and social care system, with sustainable and affordable housing and liveable communities.
  • An accountable democracy and resilient Singapore is one where robust political, governance and defence institutions protect our security. We should embrace a diversity of views and encourage robust debate about the way forward.
Download our Manifesto

Our Key Proposals


No to a GST hike

The Workers’ Party opposes the government’s plans to increase GST to 9%. This tax hike further burdens hardworking families already struggling with the high cost of living in Singapore. The Government must thoroughly explore all other alternative sources of revenue before increasing the GST.

Uncage Our CPF, introduce Special Dividend from GIC investments

To empower our seniors and give them adequacy in retirement, the CPF Payout Eligibility Age and CPF Life eligibility age should be lowered to 60. Also, a third of the 10-year moving average difference between the investment returns of GIC and the net interest payable on CPF member balances, where positive, should be returned as a special dividend and paid into CPF members’ Special Accounts.

Introduce a national minimum wage

The Workers’ Party calls for all working Singaporeans to receive a minimum take-home wage of $1,300 per month for full-time work and pro-rated for part-time work. This helps over 100,000 Singaporeans that currently earn less than $1,300 to meet their basic needs.

Introduce Redundancy insurance

To ensure that our workers can withstand income disruptions in an uncertain world, the Workers’ Party proposes a Redundancy Insurance Scheme to ease financial pressure on workers who have been made redundant while complementing existing programmes for re-training and re-employment.

Widen the use of Medisave for those over 60

To minimise out-of-pocket health expenses for our seniors, patients above 60 should be allowed to use their Medisave for all medical expenses at government polyclinics, public specialist outpatient clinics and CHAS clinics, that are not already covered by Medishield Life, Medifund or other assistance schemes.

Lower the cost of Intermediate and Long term Care (ILTC)

Intermediate and Long-Term Care (ILTC) must be more heavily subsidised. Patients with a monthly household per capita income of below $3,200 should receive subsidies of 65% to 80% for approved ILTC services. This will help relieve the out-of-pocket financial burden of social care for many families.

Improve access to university places for Singaporeans

Universities should implement targeted programmes and mentorships to widen access to students from all backgrounds, particularly those from underprivileged backgrounds and no family history of attending university. The Government should also increase places for university admissions, aiming for at least 50% of each cohort to obtain a university degree.

Make public transport free for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities (PWDs)

Public transport on trains and buses should be made free for Singaporeans aged over 65 and all Singaporeans with disabilities. This should be funded from the Budget as well as utilising all available monies from the Public Transport Fund. Free public transport would lower the financial burden on PWDs and the rising number of seniors and supports inclusiveness.

Introduce HDB reform to tackle lease decay

A universal buy-back scheme should be offered to all HDB lessees to back-stop resale prices to a certain degree. Recognising the need for orderly urban renewal, the government should also consider raising SERS rates and providing a SERS scheme which uses instead BTO and balance flats for relocation instead of a nearby proxy site.

Safeguard the independence of national institutions

National institutions should not only be independent but must also be seen to be independent. The Attorney-General’s Chambers should be separated into a prosecution service and a government legal counsel, the Elections Department of Singapore and the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee should be made fully independent, and the term of each Parliament should be fixed.