Pritam Singh

General Election 2020 Candidate

Pritam Singh

毕丹星 / பிரித்தாம் சிங்

  • Since being elected to Parliament in 2011, Pritam has spoken on a wide range of issues including foreign affairs and defence, and job disruption faced by PMET workers. In 2020, he called for giving seniors above 60 greater access to their Medisave to settle inpatient and outpatient bills.
  • In 2015, he assumed Chairmanship of the Aljunied-Hougang Town Council and oversaw significant improvements in estate and compliance matters.
  • Pritam is in legal practice but spends most of his time on his public service responsibilities as an MP.
  • He is also an NSman with the rank of Major and is a Combat Engineer by vocation.

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Personal Profile


  • 43

Experience with WP

  • MP, Eunos Division, Aljunied GRC (2011 – present)
  • Party Secretary-General, Member of Central Executive Committee


  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (History), National University of Singapore
  • Master of Arts (War Studies), King’s College London
  • Juris Doctor, Singapore Management University


  • Member of Parliament
  • Lawyer


  • Married with two daughters

Hopes for Singapore

  • That our people recognise that an elected opposition presence in Parliament is critical. All Singaporeans, no matter their political persuasion or preference, should be represented in Singapore’s highest law-making body.
  • That a rational and respectable opposition grows its presence in Parliament to provide responsible competition to the PAP, thereby ensuring a robust system of checks and balances for the good of Singapore and Singaporeans.
  • That Singaporeans take a deep interest in the country, their communities and neighbours, and speak to one another with kindness and empathy, even those who may disagree with them.

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