Muhammad Azhar Bin Abdul Latip

General Election 2020 Candidate

Muhammad Azhar Bin Abdul Latip

阿扎拉迪 / முகம்மது அஸார் பின் அப்துல் லத்திப்

  • Azhar embarked on his formal education with Guangyang Primary and then Bedok North Primary before moving on to Bedok View Secondary School. He completed his A levels at Meridian Junior College.
  • He did his undergraduate studies at NUS, majoring in Political Science.
  • After graduation, Azhar began carving out a career in the area of marine insurance, first as a claims specialist with a home-grown firm before becoming an insurance broker with an international broking house.
  • His career came to a grinding halt when he met with an accident in 2014 which disabled him. Undeterred, Azhar has picked up the pieces and continues to soldier on in life.
  • Azhar is looking forward to commencing training as a para-athlete and hopes to one day represent Singapore in international competitions.

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Personal Profile


  • 33

Experience with WP

  • Grassroots work in Kaki Bukit Division of Aljunied GRC with MP Faisal Manap
  • Grassroots work in Fengshan SMC


  • Bachelor of Arts (Political Science), National University of Singapore


  • Self Employed (Grab driver and running a small business)


  • Divorced with one child

Hopes for Singapore

  • To have complete transparency, fairness and accountability in all areas of government, public administration and the economy.
  • A political system allowing greater representation of ethnic minorities in all areas of governance.
  • Creating a society whose emphasis is not on class and status, and where the weak and vulnerable are protected and given the necessary assistance.

General Election 2020

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