Jamus Jerome Lim Chee Wui

General Election 2020 Candidate

Jamus Jerome Lim Chee Wui

林志蔚/ஜேமஸ் ஜரோம் லிம் சீ வுய்

  • Jamus underwent his early education at Catholic High Primary, Raffles Institution, and Raffles Junior College.
  • He served as a service medic at the rank of corporal as a full-time national serviceman.
  • Prior to entering academia, Jamus worked on policy issues at the Institute for Southeast Asian Studies, international development at the World Bank, and portfolio management at the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority.
  • Jamus is contesting in his first General Election, having returned to Singapore after two decades abroad with a desire to serve his country.

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Personal Profile


  • 44

Experience with WP

  • Grassroots work
  • Parliamentary support work


  • Bachelor of Business (Hons), Economics, University of Southern Queensland
  • Master of Science, Economics, London School of Economics
  • Master of Liberal Arts, History, Harvard University
  • Master of Arts, Politics, University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Doctor of Philosophy, International Economics, University of California, Santa Cruz


  • Associate Professor of Economics, ESSEC Business School


  • Married with a child

Hopes for Singapore

  • A home where all Singaporeans possess a deep sense of our journey together, built on a foundation of shared values and common aspirations.
  • A progressive and prosperous Singapore that offers diverse opportunities for our young to realize their dreams, without forgetting the weak and vulnerable among us.
  • A recognition that Singapore’s future challenges are different from those of the past, and will require policies that are realised only after earnest and meaningful debate.

General Election 2020

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