Dennis Tan Lip Fong

General Election 2020 Candidate

Dennis Tan Lip Fong

陈立峰/டெனிஸ் டான் லிப் ஃபொங்

  • Dennis contested in the 2015 General Election in Fengshan SMC and was appointed a Non-Constituency Member of Parliament (NCMP) in the 13th Parliament, serving on the Public Petitions Committee of Parliament.
  • Dennis had his early education at Nanyang Primary, Raffles Institution and Raffles Junior College.
  • As an NSman, Dennis served as a battalion principal staff officer holding the rank of Captain before phasing into MINDEF Reserve.
  • Dennis has spoken regularly in Parliament on various issues, especially those relating to transport (MRT breakdowns and e-scooters and issues relating to the maritime industry and air transportation), defence (training safety for NS personnel), climate change and recycling, corporate governance of our government-linked companies (GLCs), and law.

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Personal Profile


  • 48

Experience with WP

  • Non-Constituency MP (since 2015)
  • Assisting MP for Hougang SMC, Png Eng Huat in Grassroots work
  • Central Executive Committee: Organising Secretary, former Treasurer


  • Bachelor of Laws (Honours), University of Nottingham
  • Master of Maritime Law, University of Southampton


  • Lawyer at shipping law firm, DennisMathiew


  • Married with a four-year old daughter

Hopes for Singapore

  • More alternate voices in Parliament, because the PAP does not have all the answers to the present and future challenges which Singapore faces.
  • More robust political competition, which is necessary for the long-term survival of the country; the PAP’s super-majority in Parliament is bad for our country.
  • For Singaporeans to have a greater say on how they would like their country to be, and for the government of the day to always respect the wishes of the people.

General Election 2020

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