Abdul Shariff Bin Aboo Kassim

General Election 2020 Candidate

Abdul Shariff Bin Aboo Kassim

阿都沙利/அப்துல் ஷரிஃப் பின் அபு காசிம்

  • Disrupted studies at Secondary Four to do factory work.
  • After National Service, worked at various jobs, including market shop assistant, security guard, dispatch rider and undertaker, and after obtaining GCE O Levels, as Technical Support Officer at the Ministry of Law.
  • Studied full-time as a mature student at Ngee Ann Polytechnic and secured engineering jobs thereafter.
  • Throughout his tertiary studies, he worked as a NightRider bus driver part-time and also a relief taxi driver to pay his expenses

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Personal Profile


  • 54

Experience with WP

  • Grassroots work in Eunos Division, Aljunied GRC, assisting in MP Pritam Singh’s Meet the People Sessions, welfare outreach programmes and other events


  • Bachelor of Science (Economics), Singapore Management University
  • Master of Tri-Sector Collaboration, Singapore Management University


  • Former Researcher


  • Married with two children

Hopes for Singapore

  • That all understand that political opposition is a necessary part of a democracy to ensure checks and balances, good governance and voters’ policy choices.
  • Acceptance that the values and principles enshrined in the pledge are not mere aspirations but targets.
  • That the poor, elderly, single-mothers (including unwed ones), ethnic minorities, the disabled, and other groups are not excluded from the vision of an inclusive society and that misconceptions about them are dispelled.
  • The building of a harmonious society held together by genuine understanding and appreciation between diverse groups and not mere tolerance for one another due to compulsion by law.

General Election 2020

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