Parking Places (Amendment) Bill – Speech by Faisal Manap

(Delivered in Parliament on 21 March 2018)

I welcome the amendments made in relation to the bill to include regulations of operators of vehicle sharing services. In particular, to address the indiscriminate parking of mobility devises (bicycles) in public places and more importantly imposing requirements of operators to amongst other responsibilities ensure their fleet are in serviceable condition to ensure safety of the hirers (as condition of approval of operating licences and renewal of licences).

I would like to touch on the following 2 points on the proposed amendments.

My first is on the role and accountability of the operator to maintain roadworthiness of their vehicles so as to ensure the safety of hirers. This particular issue is mentioned under few sections such as 8E and 8G, with regard to granting and renewal of licences, and also section 8Q titled ‘Directions’.

The sections in this bill are not clear on the responsibility of the licensee on claims from hirers in events where accidents can be attributable to improperly maintained vehicles or negligence in other forms from the operator. I like to suggest that inclusion of liability requirements, and consideration on reasonable closure to cases of claims/dispute as part of licensee application and renewals.

My other point is on section 8K(2) which depicts, ‘A licensee must – (a) keep and retain, for such periods as may be prescribed, records, where the records are relevant – (ii) to the hiring of vehicles from the licensee, their period of hire, the place from which the hire started and ended, and any other prescribed information relating to the hirers and hiring, of vehicles used to provide licensable services…’

I would like to seek clarification on what is the need for such detailed level of trip information on the hirer and under what circumstances can the Authority call on such information and how would the information be protected?

Notwithstanding the clarifications, I support the bill.