NCMP-elect Leon Perera responds to queries on WP’s call for a COI on the Hep C cluster

“We do not feel that it is necessary or helpful to have a two-step process. We have had Committees of Inquiry in the past, for example the Little India riots and the MRT breakdowns and other previous committees where we have not had a non-COI committee to investigate and rule, and we wait for that first and then we move on to COI only dependent on the ruling of that non-COI committee.

We would rather, in the first instance, take the existing process that we have and strengthen it. In the interest of timeliness, in the interest of efficiency, we feel that that is the best approach. It’s not our intent to undermine the current process or the current committee members as we have said we want to keep all of them, and we want to strengthen the process.”

Leon Perera
Non-Constituency Member of Parliament-Elect
The Workers’ Party

31 October 2015