Ministry of Communications and Information: Committee of Supply 2018 – Cuts by WP MP and NCMP

(Delivered in Parliament on 5th March)

National Translation Committee – Low Thia Khiang

主席先生,全国翻译委员会自2014年成立至今已有4年, 我要求通讯及新闻部提供全国翻译委员会的工作进展报告。



目前,如果公众需要查询街道的正确名称,可以到附属于市区重建局的“街道与建筑名称局” 所提供的网上数据库查询。可是,同样的,知道这项服务的人少之又少。




Tackling Cyberbullying – Daniel Goh

Chairman Sir, a 2014 study done by the Singapore Children’s Society and the Institute of Mental Health found that one in nine adolescents said they have been victims of cyberbullying. As social media and messaging application platforms become more prevalent, the Ministry must tackle this problem head-on, and fast.

Last year, the Media Literacy Council organized the “Better Internet” campaign to promote responsible online habits and safe Internet use. However, the resources available on the Council website are limited; there is no dedicated helpline, no support network or resources for parents and teachers and no channels for victims to submit cyberbullying reports.

There is much we can learn from Australia, where the Office of the eSafety Commissioner is responsible for promoting online safety. The Office provides extensive resources on reporting of cyberbullying, helplines, online safety programmes and resources for schools and classrooms. The first step we can take is to organize a centralized resource bank, as well as to create a safe space for victims to take refuge in. I urge the Ministry to consider this to tackle cyberbullying.