Letter to ST Forum from Mr Low Thia Khiang

To: ST Forum Editor

I refer to the letter by Benjamin Chow titled “About Chen: Time will tell”.

Mr Chow has cast aspersions on Chen Show Mao, questioned his motives and concluded his letter with “only time will tell”.

I agree that many things in life are proven by time. There is a famous saying in Chinese, “路遥知马力,日久见人心“. However, why does this apply only to Chen Show Mao and not the PAP’s new candidates as well?

Show Mao has been in contact with the Workers’ Party since 2007. He has participated in WP’s ground outreach such as Hammer sales and other party functions. He is not returning only when “the pickings are ripe” as baselessly accused by the writer.

Show Mao’s decision to come home and stand for election as a Workers’ Party (WP) candidate should be seen in a positive light. There is no certainty that he will win the election. He is at the peak of his career and has nothing to gain being on an opposition ticket. WP is glad that we are able to attract good people today and provide a credible choice to the voters.

Show Mao’s decision has also helped raise the political interests of many Singaporeans including those based overseas. It also stirred an “apolitical 50-year-old native citizen” to write to the ST forum page. This is indeed the positive impact Chen Show Mao has generated.

Low Thia Khiang
Workers’ Party