Latest Parliamentary Speeches

  • Building Maintenance and Strata Management Bill – Speech by Dennis Tan Lip Fong

    (Delivered in Parliament on 11 September 2017)   Mr Speaker, this Bill introduces fairly substantial amendments. While I do agree with most of the amendments here, I have some concerns and require some clarifications regarding this Bill.   Suspension of Management Council and appointment of official management Clause 53 of the Bill introduces new sections

  • Jurong Town Corporation (Amendment) Bill – Speech by Leon Perera

    (Delivered in Parliament on 11 September 2017)   Mr Speaker sir, the Jurong Town Corporation (Amendment) Bill provides for the transfer of HDB’s industrial properties to JTC. With this transfer, all public sector industrial properties will be consolidated under one agency. I do not object to the thrust of this bill, and I support its

  • Parliamentary Q&A for 1 August 2017 sitting

    INSTRUCTIONS ON SAFE USE OF PERSONAL MOBILITY DEVICES Dennis Tan asked how does the Ministry ensure that employees are adequately instructed by their employers on road traffic rules and safe use of bicycles and PWDs. Lim Swee Say replied that under the Workplace Safety and Health Act, all companies are required to ensure the safety

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